Where Are You, Baby Jesus?

photoTime to unpack the Christmas boxes

And ready the house for all to see.

Ornaments, garland, gingerbread houses,

And we can’t forget the flocked tree!

Untangling the lights is quite a chore

And removing the Snow Village with care,

How shall I decorate the mantle this year,

Will I have time to mend the tree skirt tear?

Now where is Baby Jesus?

Is He at the bottom of the tinsel pile?photo

Cookie exchanges and cards to address,

It’s time to prop my feet up for awhile!

Burnt appetizers, crumpled gift bags

From the previous holiday season,

Santa’s beard is a mess, the parking lot is full,

Have I forgotten the true Christmas reason?

Now where is that God-Child?

I began searching with all my might.

photoDid I drop Him in the mistletoe

When I was hanging the wreath last night?

Broken angel wings, chipped China dishes,

The snowflake tablecloth has a crease.

Oh, how I need to find that pristine

And heavenly Prince of Peace!

Hours upon hours of gift-wrapping,

The Butterfinger bells have all but disappeared.

The fire is crackling, the coffee is brewing,

Then I heard a “smash!” from the tree- was it what I feared?

A broken baby Jesus, “Oh no!”

I could only sigh and stare.

I tenderly held the pieces of Him in my hands,

And thought about my sins He did bare.

Distractions, bad attitudes,

Anger, lust, envy and pride;

Vanity, hate, materialism and guilt,

Ridding my heart of these things, I had tried.

The appearance of true beauty Is not what first appealed,

Jesus-in-mangerBut the brokenness of Jesus’ body Is how His divine glory was revealed!

He was pierced for my transgressions,

He was crushed for my iniquity;

He chose to take my punishment Upon that ancient tree.

His love is everlasting,

In Him my spirit is sealed;

When I chose to bend my knees and confess,

By His wounds I was now healed!

Forgiveness and eternal life He has given me,

From His shattered body He’s made me new;

How beautiful the salvation gift,

He has offered to me and you!

kinkade_nativity1As I held the broken Jesus in my palm,

I thanked Him for many things;

But especially that the One who loves me,

Will be returning as the King of Kings!

– Lisa Epperson